Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic Pads

New and improved Perfect Stop® Ceramics use Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy to create a protective layer for quieter braking.

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Brake Pads

Brake Pads

With Exact Spec® multilayer shim and hardware for 99% of vehicles in operation restores every vehicle to its optimal braking performance.

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Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes

Engineered to match OE design, includes all O.E. style pins and levers, and is precision ground to provide an exact fit and function.

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OE Scorched Ceramic Logo

OE Scorched Ceramic™

  • Advance Transfer Layer Technology
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy patent pending
  • Post Cured
  • OE Scorched Ceramics
ExactSpec Logo

Exact Spec®

  • Exact-Spec® Multi-Layer Shim
  • Hardware 99% VIO
  • Ceramic Upgrade Options
  • Electronic Wear Sensors included where OE
  • OE Slots and Chamfers
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High Carbon Content

  • Certified
  • Quality Assured

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